Mural / #RosietheTrailer

Meet Rosie

This was a suuUUper fun mural project I worked on in New Orleans this past September. Aside from being a perfect excuse to visit one of my favorite cities, it forced me to step outside of my usual organic style. Matt & Beau, the two cuties posing with Rosie below, did an incredible job renovating this 1969 Globestar camper. Check out or @probablythis on instagram to see more of the entire reno. (Which was also recently featured by DesignSponge and Country Living

Keep scrolling for a peek into how this mural came to be.


Design Process

The loose initial vision for the exterior was described like this:

  • A single, foot-wide band around the entire camper
  • Vintage sunset colors
  • Southwest-ish themed
  • 70's wallpaper (This last one I don't think was actually suggested - I may have just projected it onto their vision since I'm obsessed)

After providing these prompts Matt & Beau gave me permission to run with it. So I turned myself over to the creative process. For me this typically consists of a cycle of immersion in imagery, sketching and photoshopping. (And a healthy dose of creative angst.) What resulted was a collection of ideas as shown below that served as our starting point. 

Final Design

Unfortunately, we weren't painting an entire fleet of campers so they had to pick one. Using their feedback I retooled a few elements of a southwestern rug-inspired pattern and added some vintage-font name tags.

Painting the Thing

Once we had nailed down all the details, then came the hard part. Actually doing this mural. As I packed up my paintbrushes and headed to Louisiana Matt & Beau were finishing up Rosie's base layer of paint. (No small feat as documented on their blog) After taking some time to figure out how to map out the design, I got into a rhythm and was able to tediously work my away around the camper - the final touch being Rosie's name. (My favorite part)



This project was as much work as it was fun and I'm so glad these guys trusted me with this gals exterior lewk. xoxo 

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