About Faye

Faye Kaucher Bell is an Atlanta-based artist with a creative vision inspired by colors and forms she discovers in the natural environment. In 2009 she received her BFA in Interior Design from Pratt Institute's school of Art & Design where many of her projects focused on the limitless elegance of biomimicry in the creative field.

As a visual artist, she continues to find inspiration in the natural world. Her curiosity is often triggered by an impression from an element of nature, such as a leaf held up to the light, lichen growing on a rock, or the jigsaw pattern of brain coral. This is followed by an energetic brainstorming process, from which she distills essential colors and patterns to form an intriguing abstraction of the original impression. Her painting process emerges from the intuitive application of those patterns and colors in order to capture the tension of organized chaos found in the natural environment.

In addition to expressing her visions on canvas and paper, her work is truly given the opportunity to shine when applied in large scale interior murals. Her work is ever-evolving as she aspires from one challenging project to the next.

Also of note - Faye is a lefty.